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What are discount codes, sales and deals?

Fair question! The offers on our site are either a code, a sale or a deal. We'll explain what each one means.

Discount codes

A code is probably the best way to save money online. We'll give you a code (usually a weird looking sequence of letters and numbers) which gives you a specific way to save money, usually something like 10% off your order or £20 off when you spend £60. Then you visit the store and checkout in the normal way, enter your code in the box and voila your discount is applied then the amount you pay goes down. Nice!

You'll notice that codes always have an expiry date, so if you see something nice and want to have a think (or need to wait till payday) the code will still be here when you come back.

As you browse around our site you'll see codes are listed like this

We'll tell you clearly what the offer is and when it runs out.

When you see a code you like just click the big "get code and open site" button. We'll pop up a new window with your code displayed. Click the pink copy code button to copy the code to your clipboard then click the big pink button to go to your store.

Pick out your stuff at the store then enter the code when you checkout - as we've copied the code for you just paste it in. It might sound like a bit of a hassle but we think you'll agree the savings make it worthwhile!


Everybody loves a sale and we bring you every live sale on your favourite brands! When you look around our site you'll see sales listed like this

As with codes we'll tell you clearly what the offer is then if you like it just hit the "Click to visit to sale" button and start shopping. We said above that codes always have an expiry date, this isn't the same with sales. Often a shop will keep a sale going until they sell out so if you find a nice sale on best advice is to get in quick - we can't promise it'll be here tomorrow.


Deals could be anything but they're usually things like buy one get one free or buy 2 get 1 free. Deals are really simple - if you see one you like just click to go to the store and grab the deal. You'll see deals listed like this

Same as with sales, deals don't always have a fixed expiry date and some of them can be really good so if a nice deal comes up please grab it quick. We make sure to bring you deals the moment they come out so it's up to you to get in there before everyone else does!

If you're a bit stuck or need some help just ask and we'll be happy to help you out.

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