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About FashionCodes.co.uk

We have a really simple job, to bring you the latest fashion discount codes, vouchers, sales and deals from all the fashion brands you love.

Actually we lied - our job isn't really that simple! Most days we bring you discounts and deals from over 400 of the top fashion brands and retailers, on an average day there's around 3,000 live and active money saving deals to be had on our site. We're adding new deals all day, and most of the night, and our team of clever geeks are working away behind the scenes to make sure everything works as it should.

Sounds good but don't lots of sites do this already?

Well yes - as you've probably seen there's plenty of sites out there and some of them are huge businesses bringing you discounts on everything from spare parts for your car to a blanket for your dog. That's all well and good but as confirmed shopaholics ourselves we feel these sites just offer too much and finding what you actually want can be a nightmare.

So how is FashionCodes.co.uk different?

With FashionCodes.co.uk we decided to start a site that just offered money saving deals on the important things in life - that would be fashion :) - doing it this way means we can make a nice simple site that's easy to use and isn't cluttered up with stuff you'll never want to buy.

Our way also means everything on our site actually works - have you ever seen a tasty looking deal on one of the big sites and then found out it's expired? We have and it's a real waste of time. That won't happen with us, before a deal goes on our site a real live person checks it to make sure it's live and working. The moment a deal stops working we take it down.

In a nutshell we don't want to be a huge business, we've just aimed to build a site we'd use ourselves. We hope you like the site too!

So how do you make money?

Aha, the million dollar question! As you've probably guessed keeping on top of all these deals does take money and nice as we are we aren't a charity :) Each time you click through to a store and buy something we get a small commission, this is how we pay the bills. Doing it this way means we can avoid cluttering up our site with those ugly adverts you see all over the interweb these days.

Can I get in touch with you?

Please do. You can use our handy contact form or just shoot us an email to hello@fashioncodes.co.uk and we'll respond pretty quick.

We hope you enjoy using FashionCodes.co.uk as much as we enjoyed making it.

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